About Us

Srinidhi Credit Private Ltd is a non-banking finance company located in Chennai. We are “NBFC” registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a non-depository financial institution.

We focus on providing key solutions to clients that span from various industries and enterprises, whilst offering them complete financial solutions that foster robust businesses.

We provide our clients with different types of products

We offer our trusted clients with a comprehensive range of financial solutions that meet their unique budget guidelines and requirements.

Secured Corporate Lending

We provide structured lending solutions to mid to large sized corporates to help

Loan Againste Property

Loans are provided against property (mortgage) to help meet the borrower’s requirements

Working Capital Financing

We help you meet the daily expenses of running your business and support short-term cash

Commercial Vehicle Finance

This involves financing purchase of commercial vehicles ranging from heavy, medium

Group Loans & Individual Loans

These include loans granted for agriculture, education, home improvement, and home

Construction Equipment Lending

This is availed to finance equipment such as Earth Moving Equipment, Road Construction Equipment

Short Term Bridging Loans

One is often faced with the burden of having to wait to sell your existing home before moving

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